What’s All The Vibe?


Want to Get to the Next Level? Whole Body Vibration WILL Take you There!

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            In the industry of sports performance we are constantly striving to find the next technique or apparatus to give our athletes the competitive advantage. Increases in strength, speed, flexibility and power are vital to creating a high-performance athlete. Traditional training methods are able to increase these measures, but sometimes require a substantial amount of time and repetition which can be rough on the body. Recovery and regeneration then becomes a necessary component of the athlete’s program due to a therapeutic necessity rather than using an environment which promotes recovery and regeneration while actually exercising.
Taylor Deadlift            Whole body vibration technology is able to provide an athlete with increased results from less time spent training. Also, WBV decreases the recovery time of the athlete allowing for increased time spent practicing skills with a decreased risk in developing an overuse injury.
            Research in the area of WBV technology dates back as early as the 1700’s, but
the first actual documented usage was with the Russian Space program. They found the usage of WBV could combat the negative effects of zero gravity on human tissues and extend the longevity of their space exploration by three months per trip. This discovery proved good enough evidence for the Russian Olympic training team who began using this same technology on its athletes. It should be no coincidence this was in the 1970’s, a decade in which the Russians were very dominant in the Olympics.
            The reason this training method is effective is very simple. The body’s reaction to vibration is to contract muscle tissue continuously. The frequency of the vibration will determine how many contractions the muscle will undergo during any given exercise. For instance, if an athlete is performing 20 pushups at a frequency of 30Drake Vibe RDL vibrations per second, the amount of muscular recruitment would be equivalent to that of 600 pushups on the floor. Less repetitive motion will mean less impact and consequently less injury to those areas prone to overuse injuries, such as the rotator cuff.
            Along with increased efficiency and decreased risk of injury, WBV speeds recovery by encouraging blood flow to tissue and encouraging natural production of regenerative and repair hormones. These benefits along with several others are responsible for increases in strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and coordination as well as improving vertical jump height.

DIPT is committed to providing our athletes with the best, which includes the most efficient training programs available and using the most innovative equipment. WBV is a very important part of the experience and allows our athletes a chance to train in the same type of environment as elite training facilities such as the renowned Athletes Performance in Tempe, AZ and the Tennessee Titans training facility. Whether we are using the vibration platform for power lifting or stretching, the benefits of using WBV will help take you or your athlete to the next level.Quad Strap Foam Vibe


There are many documented benefits to WBV, with new ones constantly emerging.  Below are featured benefits of our ProVibe Platform:

  • Holds up to 1600lbs of Weight
  • Aids in Neuromuscular Loosening
  • Increases Lengthening (active range of motion)
  • Increases Blood Circulation
  • Aids in Nutrient Transport and Cellular/ Organ Detoxification
  • Drains Lymphatic System
  • Increases Proprioception (body’s autonomous joint positioning and awareness)
  • Decreases Recovery Time (delayed onset soreness)
  • Stimulates Natural Human Growth and Testosterone Hormones
  • Heightens Reaction Sensors, Improving Dynamic Balance
  • Increases Muscle Recruitment to 20-60x’s per Second
  • Accelerates Strength and Power Gains

author: dipt4sports