Top Prospects
Athlete Class Sport School Position Notes
Ricky Alfonso 11 Baseball Barrington Outfield A triple theat batting from the left side speedy 6.7 60yard dash, good arm and good ability to drive ball.
Jake Broughton 11 Baseball Barrington Infield Consumate professional at 2B. From mound will keep team in game with above average command.
Eric Carlson 11 Football Schaumburg Defensive Back Intelligent athlete with above average coverage skills.
London D’okubo 11 Basketball Conant Guard Shifty point guard, looking assist first.
Ben Gullo 11 Baseball Lake Zurich Pitcher Nasty curve and newfound legs; work ethic should over power many.
Mark Ianotti 11 Football Schaumburg Quarterback Pro quarterback size, plus arm and very mobile modern quarterback assets.
Ken Kalish 11 Football Conant Lineman Nexl level size. Will blossom the longer he plays.
Erik Maki 11 Baseball Wauconda Outfield Another triple threat, size, speed and power. Oh yeah and arm. That’s four.
Emily McClelland 11 Softball Union Grove Utility Is there any position she can’t play? Works out like a greyhound.
Austin Miller 11 Baseball Grays Lake Central Short Stop Solid mix of quick feet, lateral range and line drive power.
Danielle Perkins 11 Track Hersey Sprints Passionate sprinter with most explosive block start.
Bobby Quilico 11 Football Schaumburg Defensive Back Loves contact. Loves winning. Will cover and hit as any good safety should.
Jimmy Ryan 11 Soccer Carmel Top level quickness and endurance.
Brendon Stryganek 11 Track Stevenson Sprints 10.5 100M.
Mike Vilardo 11 Baseball Cary Grove Short Stop Life’s not fair but oh well. He’s got speed, power and size. All above average. Save me a ticket!
Marissa Wagner 11 Track Lake Zurich Long Sprint Driven runner. Pr 58 400M. Crazy habit of emptying her tank.
Adam Warkenthein 11 Baseball Carmel Pitcher WORKonthings is his real last name. Will be a lefty Maddux style in college.
Drake Orser 11 Basketball Lake Zurich Forward Athletic forward with large upside. Mental toughness will determine future success.
Taylor Coleman 12 Football Lake Zurich Linebacker Energetic and explosive leader, crosses T’s and dot I’s. should dominate at the next level.
Sam Duprey 12 Football Carmel Defensive Line Stocky and stingy player.
Kevin Foley 12 Football Stevenson Runningback Highly competitive athlete, not afraid to empty the tank when needed. Good balance of burst, shiftiness and physicality.
Angela Hermann 12 Track Conant Sprints Ever developing speedster. Should contend for 100M state title as a junior.
Kerry Hickerson 12 Baseball Conant Infield Homered 3 times in one game as a sophomore. Next level power and size.
Nate Kahn 12 Football Stevenson Runningback Human sledgehammer. He doesn’t block, he pancakes. give him the ball on 3rd and short.
Brendon Kibby 12 Football Schaumburg Runningback Raw 4.4 40yard dash. Catch the ball Kibby!
Mike Lutz 12 Baseball Lake Zurich Pitcher Unassuming pop on fb. The silent assassin. It’ll be the 5th inning before you know what hit you.
Allie McGinnis 12 Softball Lake Zurich Infield Power generator.
Matt Micucci 12 Football Stevenson Quarterback Mature leader and gym rat. Will kick in college.
Nate Mikolas 12 Baseball Bradford, WI 1B/OF Big league pop, focus and attention to detail. Working to eliminate weaknesses.
Kristen Pedersen 12 Volleyball Conant Middle Hitter Mature athlete, willing to push and be pushed. More verticle will add to ability to dominate.
Paul Perschon 12 Football Conant Lineman Nimble, balance big guy. Will be a definite asset at next level.
Max Ricther 12 Baseball Lake Forest Short Stop Brains and braun, mixed with some speed. destined for above average numbers offensively and defensively.
Caily Rubenstein 12 Softball Stevenson Infield Gym rat, or ratess. Will contribute consistently at plate and on bases.
John Salvi 12 Baseball Carmel Catcher Solid as a tree trunk. More powerful than he even understands.
Cordell Smith 12 Football Conant Runningback Angry runner with something to prove. 4.5 40yards.
Wyatt Spector 12 Baseball Lake Zurich LHP 6’3″ lanky body with low to mid 80’s fastball, should really platoon this summer in tournament ball.
Jake Stauner 12 Football Lake Zurich Quarterback Athletic player, with good quickness.
Zach Till 12 Football Lake Zurich Quarterback Has the legs of a deer, very sneaky fast 4.6 40 yard dash.
Adam Walton 12 Baseball Stevenson Middle Infield 6.5 60yards 85 BESR.  If stays groomed could end up pro.
Connor Whitman 12 Football Carmel Runningback Beastly size, power and speed. Increased Hip mobility will open up real potential. Next level potential.
Eric Cowen 12 Baseball Stevenson Catcher Power and arm becomes undeniable asset behind the dish. Greaat upside around the corner.
Teagan Hough 13 Track Lake Zurich Sprints New to seriousness in training, has good sprint genetics.
Tanner Kiser 13 Baseball Lake Zurich Infield Next level power from left side of the plate.
Loren Krzysko 13 Softball Barrington Infield 74mph BESR. Poster child for commitment to excellence and sacrifice. Will be feared soon.
Chris Marras 13 Baseball Vernon Hills Catcher Advaced power at the plate.
Alexa Rebecca 13 Softball Barrington Outfield Quick hands at plate with above average arm.
Ryan Roach 13 Basketball Lake Zurich Guard Cat-like quickness. Potential to dominate in whatever sport he commits to.
Kasey Roe 13 Softball Lake Zurich Infield Natural hitter with good pop and a great smile. We’re all jealous.
Matt Ryan 13 Baseball Carmel Infield/Pitcher Body has girth for power and longevity. Could dominate if commits.
David Sarkin 13 Football Lake Park Lineman Man strength as a 16 year old, nervous energy scares other weaklings.
Connor Schraeder 13 Football Lake Zurich Runningback Talented and gifted. Will take multiple tacklers, plus breakaway speed. 4.75 40yards.
Caitlin Sernett 13 Softball Vernon Hills Outfield Above average mechanics. consistent hitter. One year awaysize, strength and speed, from top prospect.
Carly Stewart 13 Track Libertyville Distance Gifted state level runner. Freakish aerobic capacity.
Dan Vilardo 13 Baseball Cary Grove Outfield Blooming althlete. Potential blazing speed 6.8 60 yards.
Anthony Drago 13 Baseball Lake Zurich Catcher Utilizes every bit of above average size. Dynamic power swinger.
Jeff Lindberg 13 Baseball Wauconda Infield/Outfield Switch hitter with good speed. As speed increases, so will stock.
Jordyn Comytor 13 Softball Vernon Hills Infield Should put up respectable power numbers.
Samantha McQueen 14 Softball Barrington Outfield Recent soccer transfer, lefty has adapted through diligence. Should be a triple threat within a year.
Carlee Parsons 14 Softball Lake Zurich Infield Very athletic with good size for power, arm is above average.
Anthony Baca 14 Track Lake Zurich 800M Great natural aerobic capacity, fierce competitor seems to rise to competition.
Katie Brown 14 Softball Lake Zurich Infield Headsy ball player whose speed, will make an immediate impact at the varsity level.
Aaron Lund 15 Football Stevenson Runningback Natural runner, great slot receiver potential.
Brian Weist 11 Baseball Lake Zurich Pitcher/1B Worked his way into respectability on offense. Leads by example.

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