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Deep Impact Performance Training® facilitates a premier training regime for athletes involved in high skilled sports.  While our many programs have a designed format, we do not offer “cookie cutter” pograms, boxing every athlete into the same routine.  Each athlete is unique in his/her own right, with individual strengths and weaknesses.  When customizing an Impact Program™, designed to improve total athletic development, our highly dedicated and professional TEAM thoroughly assesses several factors, including: each athlete’s current physical attributes, the physical and psychological demands of their particular sport, and the practical time allotted to get the job done.  We thrive on the success of our athletes, going beyond the passable methods of operation, in order to make a Deep Impact™.  Anything less is limited!



8 Dynamic Programs Customized to Meet Your Individual or Team Needs

SAQ speed agility & quickness

An Undeniable Asset to Any Athlete in Any Sport

-Basic Speed Techniques and Explosive Training

-1st  Step Quickness in all Planes of Movement

-Fast Twitch Muscle Firing

-Directional Changes with Precision

-Heightened Reaction Sensors

-Static/Dynamic Balance

2  FAST elite level speed development

Tier 2 of SAQ Training

-Consistency of Development through Enhanced Mechanics

-Significant Muscle Recruitment Efficiency

-Added Implements to Break Barriers including Resistance and Over Speed Training

VERTICAL APEX vertical jump improvement

Specifically Designed for Leaping Enhancement

-Maximum and Repetitive Jump Training

-Advanced Plyometric and Proprioception Training

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING the integration of  science

All Sports – Specificity

-A Biomechanical Approach to Sport or Goals

-An Individually Designed Synergy of Any of 6 Programs

-Training Integrated Movements instead of Isolated Muscles

C.O.R.E. the centre of resistance efficiency

Stabilization and Rotational Power from the Inside – Out

-The Foundation for Dynamic Balance, Stabilization and Explosive Power

-The Tree Principle

S+P=E strength x power = explosion

Tier 2 of C.O.R.E. or Functional Training

-Functional Strength and Size Gain

-Contact Sports

-Where Physical Dominance is Needed

ARM=ED™ arm and rotator maintenance = efficient delivery

Building a Solid Base Throughout the Arm Extremity

-Essential Warm-up and Stretching

-Rotator Cuff Stability and Strength

-Establishing Appropriate Range of Motion

-Forearm/Wrist Exercises for Functional Power

-Velocity Building

ACCELERATED RECOVERY advanced regeneration techniques

Offsetting the Post Training and Competition Stress

-Hydrotherapy to Promote Circulation

-RollFit Deep Tissue Massage

-Vibration Platform Connective Tissue Stimulation

-PNF Stretches Increase Dynamic Range of Motion



  • Interview
  • Q & A – Needs Analysis
  • Commitment Level

Comprehensive Assessment 

  • Pertinent Data Documentation
  • Athletic Movement Profile™ (AMP)
    • Functional Movement Screen
    • Athletic Performance Testing

Design and Implementation 

  • Evaluated and Designed by Performance TEAM

Continuing Education and Progress Tracking 

  • Necessary for Motivation, Adherence and Modifications

Mid-Testing and Evaluation 

  • Improved Data Documentation

Post-Testing and Certification 

  • Evidence of Performance Efficiency
  • Coaches Pre- (Season/ Scholarship/ Draft) Assurance


Our programs and training cater to the specific sport and needs of the athlete.  Whether it is to throw harder, run faster, react quicker, jump higher, or last longer… we can help.  Get Ready!


Field Hockey
Marathon/ Running

Obstacle Course
Olympic Power Lifting
Spartan Race
Track and Field

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Integrated Components

Any of our IMPACT PROGRAMS may include a unique blend of the listed components:

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  • 1st Step Quickness
  • Straight Ahead Speed
  • Lateral Speed
  • Multi-Directional Changes
  • Force Production
  • Hip Mobility
  • Joint Integrity
  • Core Stability
  • Energy System Development
  • Muscle Imbalance

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  • Body Composition
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Balance / Proprioception
  • Sensory Reaction
  • Ballistic Stretch / Tension
  • Dynamic ROM
  • Athletic Posture
  • Foot Quickness
  • PreHab
  • Video Analysis
  • Accelerated Recovery


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Upon successful orientation, assessment and design, our TEAM best selects and customizes any of the program formats, created to accomplish our goals.  Practical factors are taken into account such as school, job, season, and everyday life issues.  Generally, the professional athlete has more time allotted for greater frequency and duration of training, while the amateur must balance time and make the necessary sacrifices to train.  Because adherence is the key to maximizing our programs, we attempt to thoroughly schedule all times in advance.  Any duration selected has unique benefits with specified results accomplished.


6 Week  (12 Sessions) twice per week/ 60-70 minute sessions

In a 6 week program, the athlete can expect to learn proper biomechanics and techniques necessary for safe and efficient training and performance.  Additionally, physical and psychological adaptations will be noticeable based upon our goals at the outset.  Significant increases will include enhanced musculature, cardio-vascular conditioning and the ability to focus longer during game-speed intensities. Post-Testing will show significant strength increases and decreased speed times.


8 Week  (16 Sessions) twice per week/ 60-70 minute sessions

The 8 week program accomplishes the same objectives as the 6 week program, but with a dramatic improvement curve at the last two weeks.  Our research and background data has proven that the subsequent two weeks allow for the 90-95% intensity phase of training, without sacrificing the integrity of the musculoskeletal muscular system.  Speed times and vertical jumps have increased exponentially in the last segment.  To try and accomplish this same level in 6 weeks is unpractical and dangerous. If time allows, this program is recommended over the 6 week program.


Note: Accelerated Development

In certain cases the athletes needs to accomplish greater strides in a shorter duration. This is when we may recommend training more frequently between three to four times per week.


DITOPS™ (24-32 Sessions) 2-4 times per week/ 60-70 minute sessions

Deep Impact Total Off-Season Program for Sports

A DITOPS™ is a macro cycle training program, encompassing a complete off-season program.  A periodized program, complete with 4 phases, assessments, tests and tracking allows maximum input and output potential. A minimum of two tiers are administered, achieving elite training condition. The most beneficial gains and increases in performance have been proven in this program.  Time is allotted for specific technique training and practices individually, or with the team.  Typically the professional athlete, or the amateur athlete participating in only one sport benefit the most from this program.  The athlete can expect to be prepared physically and mentally for the season, with training knowledge and experience instilled to last throughout their career.


DITIPS™ 1-2 times per week/ 45-60 minute session

Deep Impact Total In-Season Program for Sports

A DITIPS is an in-season maintenance program.  Many athletes start out the season with all guns a-blazin’.  Later, however most see their strength fade  due to the season’s schedule and the lack of time and attention given to maintaining high strength levels obtained during the off-season.  Some succumb to slumps and injury due to decreasing output ability in spite of increasing game intensity.  Top athletes and teams generally focus on training low frequency (1-3 days/wk) and medium intensity (60-70% 1RM) to maintain high performance capabilities.  A concise selection of the most important exercises, individually assessed to the athlete, is enough to keep the athlete as strong at the end of the season, hopefully playoff time, as in the beginning.


Group Training

2-7 athletes training for the same sport, with comparable ability levels may train collectively in any of our programs with great success.  While group training cannot be specialized to the individual as much a one-on-one program, benefits such as inter-training competition, peer association, leadership and character issues arise to further develop the athlete.

Team Training

Some coaches choose to have a DIPT TEAM come and train their team to guarantee the results  promised.  This decision often frees up coaches’ time to concentrate on team management, and offensive/defensive strategy.  A wise decision.


One Week Training 5-7 Practice Days

Expect to have your team enthused about the reality of performing better.  One week will allow a “jump start’” to your team,  with immediate benefits from elite technique training, education and shock training.  This will transition the body for higher intensity practices in the future.  Confidence levels will be heightened! This could be the edge to put your team over the top.


Two Week Training 10-12 Practice Days

Every player will catch on to the program’s life, showing tangible  improvement and competitive edge.  De-conditioned athletes will be better prepared to handle the rigors of the up-coming season.  Team goals will increase with more individuals setting higher personal goals.


Three Week Training 15-20 Practice Days

Players will be locked in, mentally and physically prepared for a break-through season.  Highly trained athletes become magnets for success.  They also have more in store, to dig deep and pull out during the heat of battle.  Expect significant increases in individual and team statistics.  Guaranteed Results!

Coaches Clinic/ Seminar

One day 3 Hour Clinic


What to expect:

Coaches and or players will be introduced to how and why our methodology works.

Coaches will train and get a basic run-down of key drills and implementation strategies you will need to improve your team’s performance.

*In this clinic you will be able to understand the difference our programs can make.  It has been proven that this one day clinic can make an Impact!


Two Day Intense Training Seminar


What to expect:

Coaches and or players will:

Be introduced to the philosophy.

Receive basic drill training.

Get specialized data and techniques in breaking traditionalism and bad habits.

Maximize practice time to get more output.[/vc_column_text]