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The Next Level…

Deep Impact Performance Training (DIPT)  provides elite level methodology, specialists, and equipment to prepare our athletes for peak performance safer, sooner and longer than the competition. Our training systems combine the most scientifically advanced breakthroughs in modern sports medicine with years of hands-on training experience, enabling the athletes to stretch their genetic potential.

…Get Ready!

Why? Why do so many top-level athletes choose us?  Because of our proven record of success in transforming promising athletes into proven performers.  Using a highly-individualized approach, we devote considerable time, thought and resources into each athlete. Our player-specific plans build on existing strengths, target weakness and instill the physical and mental strategies that distinguish the good athletes from the great ones.  We invest in effort, not egos and cultivate an atmosphere that says so.  There’s no air conditioning, no big screen t.v.’s, no gimmicks.  Just Olympic-caliber equipment, blue-collar grit, noise, dirt, sweat, and the know-how to push you beyond what you thought was your best.

Who? As professional athletes, long-time trainers and experts in body mechanics, we know what it takes to play at a high level.  Despite numerous athletes who have the talent, only 10 percent will train properly, and work hard enough, to get there.  Too many quit early, face injuries, or other obstacles.  Our goal is to overcome. Then there are players who reign and rule.  To see just a few of our DIPT atheletes who are doing just that, take a look at our Prospects Section. [/vc_column_text]

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